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MyKiosk Information Kiosk

MyKiosk Wall Mounted Information KioskWall mount kiosk

myKiosk is a flexible, expandable, environmentally friendly internet kiosk system with the added feature of a fully customisable plastic bezel. The information point kiosks are designed to present a friendly interface to access public services or other applications, and are ideal for use in local councils, as well as private businesses.


  • Internet Kiosk
  • NHS Information Point Kiosks
  • Information Kiosk
  • Arrivals Kiosk
  • DDA kiosk
  • Visitor welcome kiosk
  • Family information services kiosk
  • Kiosk for local councils
  • Museums kiosk

MyKiosk Desk Mounted Information KioskDesk mount option

myKiosk does it all! Whether you are looking for a wall mounted kiosk, or a desk mounted kiosk, mykiosk innovative design ensures that you can use the same kiosk design in both applications.

This enables you to provide the same service at different locations, with the same easily recognisable information point.