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Specialist Tags

S A Secure have a large range of specialist tags for all frequencies that are designed to meet the requirements of all specialist situations from CD/DVD cases, wraps, bottle caps, sunglasses and golf clubs to name a few. If you are unable to see a tag which meets your requirement then please give us a call as we are able to design and build tags to your specification as well as being able to customise many of the tags listed below.

Tag Types

Bottle Caps have an unique patented benefit denial bottle cap,that is fitted with a simple twist and removed single handed on a conventional detacher.

Will fit virtually all wines, champagne, large and small neck spirits bottles currently on the market. Available in standard or superlock versions. Can be custom coloured and printed.

Multi Grip® A simple to fit and remove box protection tag. Works with most conventional detachers. Easy "push & twist" to lock and "press" to open system. Available in standard or superlock versions. Self alarming version is also available and if tampered with emits an 80db alarm, also activates most EAS Systems. 700 day continuous battery life.
58khz & 8.2Mhz Combined

Sizes: Standard - 4 x 900mm long wires

Extra Large - 4 x 1300mm long wires

Safers are polycarbonate holders ideal for the protection and display of products at the same time. Safers are ideal for retailers as it will provide maximum presence, making them attractive and easy to handle for customers while giving them the peace of mind provided by a safe and practical security solution.

Safers can contain sophisticated RF security elements and are designed for easy opening and insertion of products. Unbreakable locking device with no external components Polycarbonate, ultra-resistant shell Positive locking mechanism that allows you to hear, feel and see that Safer is properly locked, easy and fast opening and product insertion Bar-codes can be read while in Safer. They are available with and without hooks to aid display of the different products.

We have an extensive range of Safers to suit all applications.

Blister Pack Tag, Designed to work in conjunction with blister packs, the tag secures the pack through the euro slot. Compatible with most detachers & EAS systems. Available in standard or superlock. Range 1.3m - 2.2m

Bottle Tag, When pulled tight around the neck of the bottle it offers excellent protection. Soft coating on the wire prevents product damage. Range 1.3m - 2.2m*.

Golf Club Tag, Designed specifically for protecting golf clubs. Easy to fit with self locking snap shut and spring loaded opening when used with any conventional detacher. Available in standard or superlock. Range 1.3m - 2.0m

Optical Tag, Applied to the frame using the special detacher. We have four types of tags which are suitable for all thicknesses of glasses.
Range 1.3m - 2.2m*

Towel Tag, Designed to be sown into a towel, for use in gyms and hotels. Will withstand the washing and ironing processes. Range 1.2m - 1.8m

Alarming Smart Pin®, A strong but light weight self alarming, anti tamper pin with flashing light. If the tag is tampered with it emits an 80db alarm. Works with most conventional detachers. Long battery life in excess of 5 years. If activated it can be re-set easily once removed from the clutch or tag, compatible with most existing EAS systems.
Range 1.3m - 2.2m

Jewellery Tag, Very small tag with label space and hole to take kimble clip to attach to jewellery. Kimble clips and A4 sheets of labels can be supplied.
Range 1.3m - 2.2m