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Source Tagging

Source Tagging:

There are many benefits to both retailers and their suppliers by tagging products at source i.e. the point when the product is manufactured, some of these benefits are:

  • The security labels can be applied within the packaging making them even more secure and unobtrusive and this can only be done at source

  • Reduce staff costs in the time taken to apply the labels externally to the merchandise before it reaches the shop floor

  • Depending on who purchases the labels in some cases it is possible to save money on the cost of the labels

  • The merchandise will arrive pre-labelled and ready for the shelves, meaning better product availability and increased speed of the products reaching the shop floor

SASecure would help reach a suitable solution for each organisation depending on their operational methods and supply chain; we can offer assistance with other elements of the Source Tagging process such as advice on ensuring labels are placed in the correct locations within the products, a web based ordering system will also be available ensuring regular label supply is guaranteed.