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RF, AM and EM Labels and Deactivators

RF Labels

The label tags also known as Soft Tags are easily attached to merchandise, using self adhesive backing. A hidden printed circuit on the rear of the tag activates the alarm, when passed through the antennas. The labels can be easily deactivated at the point of sale using a deactivator unit.

The labels are available plain or with a dummy barcode. 40x40mm, or 50x50mm. We are also able to supply Thermal RF labels so barcodes can be printed using a range of Thermal Printers.

The electronic deactivator is used to neutralise label tags once a purchase has been made, by passing the label tag close to the surface of the unit. The goods can then safely pass through the antennas, without sounding the alarm.

Deactivator Products

RF deactivator DR-2
The deactivators quickly and reliably deactivates paper labels. The deactivator also works as a reminder for hard tags. This deactivator unit works in conjunction with one or two table pads, or hand held deactivator antennas. Pads or hand held units are connected to each electronic unit enabling the system to operate at two point of sale locations.

RF deactivator
Table pad

RF deactivator
Hand held antenna

AM Labels

AM DR label White with Dummy barcode. 5000 per box on sheets. Range 1m - 1.4m, dimensions: 45mm x 10mm

AM Swing Tags are flexible soft tag with encapsulated 58Khz DR label and dummy bar code. Attached with pin & clutch or kimble clip. Range 1.0m to 1.4m, dimensions: 60mm x 20mm

Label Direct Deactivator

Provides reliable label deactivation through direct contact. Depending upon the thickness or type of packing material, it can also deactivate labels adhered on the inside of the product packaging. Establishing customer confidence was of primary concern in the design of our deactivator. As the label is swiped to deactivate it, a second motion will test the label to ensure it was successfully deactivated.
Weight: 0.7Kg (1.5 lbs)
Dimensions: 34cm x 24cm x 2.5cm (13.5" x 9.5" x 1")

Fast Pad Deactivator

The FastPad II Distance Deactivator provides excellent deactivation reliability and high throughput. In addition it presents a friendly man-machine interface for ease of use. The FastPad Antenna is configured for table-top operation but can also be set flush mount to the counter top in a mounting tray.

Fully compatible with all acousto-magnetic labels

Proximity Deactivation
With up to 10cm distance deactivation, FastPad is an excellent product for both source and retailer tagged merchandise.

Compact Size
The small antenna footprint allows it to be easily placed on the counter top or flush mounted.

Audible/Visual Notification
FastPad includes both audible and visual notification for efficient and reliable operation.

IR Remote Controller
FastPad is easily tuned with a convenient hand held IR remote controller.

LAN Port for Remote Access
With the optional EAS Net software package, FastPad can be remotely accessed for tuning and data mining.

Password Protected
Individual product security is facilitated with a changeable password.

Easily Installed
Outward simplicity makes it easy to install and begin using within minutes.

Kiss Pads

Compact 58Khz label deactivation pad with printed warning

EM Labels

EM self adhesive label tags provide the advantages of small size and high detection performance even with high metal content or liquid containing products. For these reasons EM label tags are especially effective in the protection of perfume, cosmetic, off-licence, hardware, home-ware, kitchen, plumbing, DIY, fishing tackle, garden centre, and many other significantly challenging retail business operations.

EM label-tags deliver intrinsic security performance, being very resistant to accidental or malicious interference/tampering.

The labels are provided in sheets or in an easy to use cardboard box dispenser of say 500 units. These products are supplied in plain white, dummy barcode and transparent acetate.

Nominally just 10mm wide, standard tags are 50mm and 63mm in length. Where especially small tags are required a ‘power tag’ is available measuring just 35mm in length.

EM label tag ‘Touch Pad’ deactivators are compact, simple to use and come with a strong self adhesive pad fixing.