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EAS Systems

Our RF Systems are suitable in any retail environment from small shops to large supermarkets where all entrance widths can be catered for from space saving single antenna to multiple. More detailed information about the systems is below:

Plexi Glass

RF Superlib Plexiglass Tagging SystemThese RF 8.2 KHz tagging systems with their very classy Plexiglass finish, are proving to be a regular fix at high fashion boutiques and stores across the UK.

We sell the Dual Systems (x2 peds, one either side of entrance doors) which are best suited to double door entrances as they detect hard tags up to 2 metres and the security labels up to 1.6 metres.

We also sell the Mono Systems (x1 ped, placed at side of entrance) which are best suited to single door entrances, as they detect the hard tags and labels up to 1 metre.

A great buy and proving most popular in high fashion boutiques and stores, supermarkets and children's clothing outlets throughout the UK.


Height - 156cm

Width - 40cm

DC Power supply 24V

Hard Tag + Pin detection

Detection on Dual Systems - Up to 1.8 metres with hard tags

Detection on Mono Systems - Up to 1 metre with hard tags

Label Detection

Up to 1.6 metres with soft tags, for Dual Systems

Up to 1 metre with soft tags, with Mono Systems

Sophisticated Plexiglass Finish

Excellent detection of both hard tags and paper labels

Self-adjusting electronics

Digital signal processing (DSP)

Please contact us on 01633 415590 or by email for further information and same day pricing and availability.