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Retail Security Systems

Retail Security SystemS A Secure provide the widest possible range of security product options and can install and maintain RF and AM systems to suit a wide variety of industries.

The EAS system utilises radio frequency or acousto-magnetic detection, and once set-up, requires very little maintenance due to its advanced digital circuitry.

By positioning the antennas or Sky Guard Loop System at the store entry points, the system provides both a visual and electronic deterrent to potential thieves. Any active tags which pass through the antennas will automatically alert staff to a potential theft by sounding an alarm.

Various configurations of antenna are available even for the widest of doorways. The above picture illustrates gates in a triple aisle environment and the dual aisle shown on the right.

Pedestals are available in various configurations and can be supplied to provide detection for even the widest of doorways.

Depending on the environment, the standard two antenna system can be used for openings up to 1.5m with labels and 2m with hard tags, depending on which type of tags and labels are used.

Hard or paper RF/AM labels are available for use with the system. Hard tags are easily attached to merchandise such as clothing, by using the simple, re-usable locking pin arrangement, and are available in various sizes. Ink loaded pins are available and provide an extra deterrent to the thief.

Retail Security SystemSelf adhesive paper label tags can incorporate a dummy barcode and adhere directly to the protected merchandise. Specialist tags are also available for protecting bottles and spectacles etc.

A magnetic detacher is used to remove hard tags from protected items, quickly and without damaging the products. A locking device can be used to prevent unauthorised use of the detacher.

Label tags can be easily applied to merchandise, using the self adhesive backing. A hidden printed circuit on the rear of the tag will activate the alarm when passed through the antennas.

An electronic deactivator is used to neutralise label tags once a purchase has been made, by passing the label tag close to the surface of the unit.