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Tagit BMI20-S

Tagit retail security systems are now widely considered to be the international market leader for prestige retail operations where high quality security systems with exceptional performance and elegant contemporary design are required.

Equipped with the latest Tagit patented three axis detection technology, the BMI20 gives peerless tag detection performance in all three tag orientations.

Complete with integral audible and visual alarms, the BMI20’s sophisticated control system provides you with all the options for selecting the perfect alarm duration and security tag to suit your retailing needs. Single width doorways (90cm) are protected by a two pedestal BMI20-2S system, and double door exits secured by the three pedestal BMI20-3S system. Wider exits can be protected by multiple pedestal systems to suit your requirements.

Capable of both Harmonic and Barkhausen security tags, the Tagit BMI20 ensures that your security system will have compatibility with a wide variety of tagging options. Perfect solution for retailing, especially jewellery, fine art, fishing tackle, and garden centres.


Height - 1640mm

Width - 650mm

Depth - 100mm


Up to 0.9m with hard tags, between duel antennas (Single door)

Three antennas are a popular option for a double door entrance, with up to 0.9m of coverage between each set of antennas.